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As humans began to form tribes they became more concerned with family groupings and geneaology, another hallmark of Cancer.

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Women were considered the source of creation since they bore the children. Age of Gemini: 6,, BCE. Gemini rules communication and speech, and this age saw the development of the first written languages and establishment of villages. The cult of Twin Gods in creation myths began during this period twins represented the masculine and feminine principle. The wheel and plough are invented Gemini rules thoughts and ideas , aiding in the spread of agriculture.

Age of Taurus: 3,, BCE. Agriculture Taurus is ruled by the Earth and Venus makes its way throughout cultures in the Americas, Africa and Asia. The first temples were built in Mesopotamia and the first jewelry and aesthetic objects Venus are created.

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The eruption of the volcano Santorini in destroyed the Minoan civilization and along with it their Bull cult age of Taurus. This age was marked synchronistically by the Indo-Aryan Aries migration and the beginnings of cattle domestication conquering the Bull god. Rituals of the Mithraic cult involved slaughtering of bulls, which has come down to us today as the bullfight.

The gods of the Age of Aries, as in each age before them, eradicated the gods that preceded them. Little is known about the origins of the Aryan people, but they were warriors possessing military technology superior to that of their neighbors, facilitating their takeover of much of Asia during this period.

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The Hero archetype was central to the Greek and Roman cultures, with their gods who were constantly doing battle. Yahweh, the god of the Jewish people who gained prevalence during this time, combined characteristics of both the Warrior and the Hero. He demanded the transformation of the Hero in his disciple Abraham, and advised on military conquests. Pisces rules universal compassion, sacrifice of the individual Ego, and martyrdom.

Pisces is a feminine sign, yet during the reign of Pisces we have seen the suppression and re-emergence of the feminine, and no story tells this quite as dramatically as the transformation of Mary Magdalene, the real story behind The DaVinci Code. The Church recently admitted that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute but a true follower. However, when the Nag Hammadi scrolls were discovered and translated, it was revealed that Mary was more than a follower but an actual apostle, giving rise anew to theories of Mary having been wife to Jesus. The story of the life and death of Jesus the Christ and the evolution of the religion that bears his name mirrors the Piscean age perfectly.

Pisces is sign of the water element, and the origin of Christianity finds Jesus being baptized in a river, symbolizing the dissolution of the personal ego into the river of faith, a ritual that continues today. Even in pre-Christian times, the sacred wells of the British Isles were places where the gods and goddesses would be present. The teachings of Jesus express the Piscean values of compassion, universal love and brotherhood.

However, last years have not always expressed those concepts in their highest form. The call for the end of individualism and the necessity for blind belief that marks the evolution of the Piscean age has led to the more negative manifestation of Pisces: illusion and delusion. The famed Dark Ages in western civilization occurred because the ruling Roman Catholic Church wanted to suppress all knowledge and keep their adherents in the literal darkness.

At that time the realm of knowledge spread to the Arab world, which is now in its own Dark Age. The date for the end of the Piscean age is in much dispute. As earlier discussed, most would like the Ages to fit into a nice year package which would put us squarely in the beginning of the Aquarian age. Everyone, not just lucky you, is adjusting to the influx of planets in Sagittarius and learning how that massive amount of energy can manifest in their lives.

It may take a few days, even weeks, to notice how this power surge is affecting you personally, so be sure to track the forecast for your rising sign as well as your sun sign. Since lovable Venus moves on to Capricorn on the 10th, romance should be your first priority.


Capricorn: Dec. Probably no other sign was as affected by the recent full moon as you.

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Meanwhile Saturn turning retrograde should put partnership problems on the back burner for the next four months. Some planets are encouraging you to visit faraway places or to take courses in arcane subjects. Some are manipulating your career choices or putting pressure on senior members of your family. If necessary, feel free to yell your head off if you get mad enough. Also, to put plans into motion for your next big adventure.

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General Forecast Disruptive Uranus in chaotic Pisces and the Sagittarius sun form a problematic square this weekend which may surprise us all. Aries Aries: Mar. Taurus Taurus: Apr. Gemini Gemini: May 21 — Jun. Cancer Cancer: Jun. Leo Leo: Jul.

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