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The Aries symbol also has a unique meaning. The Aries horoscope symbol is the Ram, a sheep with large curving horns.

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The Aries sign symbol is usually depicted as a very simple graphic meant to resemble the head of the Ram. Although there is a standard symbol used to depict each zodiac sign, Aries signs and symbols can vary based on the artist who renders it. You may see different Aries symbols, spanning from the simple Aries glyph to a full-on drawing of a sheep or a ram.

What does it mean to be an Aries? Get ready, because your fire’s about to get lit

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which has a symbol of its own. The Mars symbol is depicted by a circle with an arrow pointing outward. And it works both ways.

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While an Aries may be the first to say if they think that you just phoned in a project, they'll also be the first to compliment you for a job well done. Rams may also have a short fuse. That fiery temper can be an asset.

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When an Aries is angry, they'll never play the passive-aggressive card. But for people who don't know them well, their temper can be a turn off.

ARIES - All about Aries

Learning how to work out their anger—whether by going to the gym every day, taking some deep breaths, or learning to chill before they Tweet their thoughts to the world—is a lifelong process for Rams. When it comes to love, Aries are all about initial attraction.

They can sense chemistry in the first sentence uttered by a potential partner. Forthright and unabashed, an Aries will do everything in their power to go after someone they want. Sometimes, they need to learn how to slow down and foster long-term connections. Fireworks are fun, but they don't necessarily make a great match.

The Aries Woman: 10 Personality Traits

Aries are amazing lovers: versatile, passionate, and always invested in the moment. A for assertive R for refreshing I for independent E for energetic S for sexy.

Whether it's backpacking around the world, launching a business, or training for a marathon, once an Aries sets a goal, they will achieve it. They don't care what anyone else thinks, and can tune into their intuition and dreams in a heartbeat. Rams never need a plus one—they love their own company, and consider going solo to the movies a rare treat.

The world according to an Aries makes so much sense that they have a hard time listening to, much less accepting, alternative viewpoints.