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Venus Neptune North Node. Mars Pluto 1 South Node. While trines come so naturally to people that they might have to be reminded of their own talents or tendencies, sextiles are a little more overt to the native. These are the talents that people appreciate in themselves.

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They may be more inclined to notice and work on these talents. Sextiles are communicative and relationship-friendly aspects. They point to energies that are capable of being directed. Sextiles reveal the potential for intelligent use of the energies. Tension is necessary in order to stimulate action, but too much tension translates to stress.

The planets involved in a square are acting at cross purposes. However, squares force us out of complacency and get the ball rolling.

The Planets

Squares are often more difficult when we are young, as these aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons. The Trine: Planets in trine support each other. Trines, by nature, are accepting.

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They allow us to accept others, ourselves, and situations. The talents that trines offer a native are so natural that they are almost unconscious. However, these talents are second nature and completely natural. Another man with Venus square Neptune may have similar qualities and may possess a strong desire to accept his partner blindly, but doing so is not as natural as the first man. He has to work on it and might come up against difficult situations in which he feels duped or abused by his partners as a result of that acceptance.

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Therein lies the key to the meaning of this aspect: relationship. People with oppositions seek out others as if to mirror their own internal struggles. They learn about themselves through interactions with others.

Very often, oppositions cause us to swing from one side to the other and we feel torn. Oppositions represent a state of divided loyalties.