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As any normal child, he completed basic education at his home town. Being born in a vedic family, he was taught Sanskrit, Yoga, Veda, Upanishad and Astrology by his father and sanyasi hermit.

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He felt like he was meant to learn and do something greater in life and hence, followed his heart to seek and learn more about Yoga and Philosophy. He travelled across India in search of a Guru.

Savithru Sharma Guruji Contact Info

He was found by many Saints and Avadhootas who granted him knowledge and initiated him into the path of yoga, mantra shastra and philosophy. He practised the same and contemplated over philosophy for over a decade. One fine day, the most auspicious, wonderful thing happened in his life.

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The Guru of gurus, the Paramahamsa Sri Jagadguru himself sent word. Delighted, Sri Gurunath, who was a yoga student then, rushed to meet the great Saint who was the personification of God himself. The guru accepted him as his disciple and led him through various initiations over the period of twenty years.

While practicing yoga, Gurunath once had a vision of Siddhas which was a sign that he had indeed attained Siddhi yogic perfection. The season kick started Tuesday, November 12, Home Buzz. November 23, Share Share Share Share. Related Posts.

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  • Savithru Sharma Guruji Contact Info.
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