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For example, the first term of Leo may belong to either Jupiter or Saturn, the third term belongs to either Saturn or Venus, but Jupiter is also selected to be the ruler of the fourth term.

There are also cases where the number of degrees assigned is in dispute. The first term of Scorpio has four possible assignments; Venus rules it and has 7 degrees, Venus rules it and has 8 degrees, Jupiter rules it and has 7 degrees, or Jupiter rules it and has 8 degrees. It seems clear that the main reason the Ptolemaic dignity table was not very popular in the medieval period is due to the confusion surrounding the assignments and the alternative tables that transcribers ultimately produced. The Egyptian terms included in the table attributed to Dorotheus have had a much more consistent transmission experience.

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There is also a more political reason involved for the revival of the Ptolemaic table in the Renaissance period. During this time, Muslim Turkish armies from the Middle East had essentially cut off most of Western Europe from the rest of the world, igniting fear and anger in the peoples of this part of the world. As a result of growing anti-Muslim sentiment in countries like England, Italy, and France, scholars sought to revitalize the intellectual tradition of the Greeks, bypassing the hundreds of years of information gathered and developed by Arabic scientists.

To use this table, first check the position in the chart of each planet in order to establish its dignities and debilities.

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Essential Dignities can be ascertained from Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities and a simple analysis of the chart in question will provide the Accidental Dignities. Then list the numerical values of the planet according to this table, adding the value of its dignities and subtracting the value of its debilities.

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This will give you a final number, which is its value in the chart concerned. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and asteroids, etc. Bear in mind that Accidental Dignity is more significant than Essential Dignity in the interpretation of a chart, although both are important. The unfortunate influence of a malefic is usually diminished when in dignity, whilst the fortunate influence of a benefic is increased.

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